ServiceBuilder Features

Creative Worship Planning

  1. One challenging aspect of planning worship services is keeping the content fresh.
  2. Plan music, dramas, video clips, scripture reading, liturgy, and other any other type of element for a service
  3. Use the integrated per-service discussion features to dialogue on service details and planning.
  4. You have instant access to thousands of hymns and contemporary worship songs.
  5. Search by title, theme, author, lyrics, meter, and even based on what songs are in your hymnal!
  6. See the songs you've used in the last few weeks, or songs you haven't used in a while.
  7. Use a hymnal? ServiceBuilder knows what the hymn numbers are, for dozens of hymnals, with more being added all the time.
  8. Instead of reusing the same music and creative elements over and over let ServiceBuilder help you track your usage.
  9. Oftentimes good songs can slip through the cracks and are forgotten. ServiceBuilder helps you maintain your repertoire so you remember how often you use hymns and choruses.
  10. You can make your order of service right within ServiceBuilder.
    • Auto-calculate the length of the service based on the elements you are using.
    • Assign parts of the service to different people
    • Write notes and comments on each line
    • Finalize the service when you are finished with edits
    • Send the order of service to your team automatically
    • Even tweet your "WorshipSet" to twitter automatically