ServiceBuilder Features


  1. Schedule people for services, send them automated and personal reminders
    • Auto-Remind them with automated SMS text messaging responses
    • Auto-Remind them with direct Twitter messages
    • Auto-Remind them using email messages
    • All reminders will let them easily confirm
  2. See at a glance who has been reminded, who has responded, and the people for whom you are awaiting a response.
  3. Unlimited numbers of people in your unlimited number of teams may login
    • You can give unlimited people admin access to make changes
    • People can see the songs that you are planning on using
    • Users can listen to mp3s or YouTube videos for that song
    • Your team can download charts and lyrics, and lyrics are automatically searched for and displayed on each song's unique page
  4. Many people use computer-based calendars on their phones and devices. ServiceBuilder has individualized calendar subscription links, to instantly add a schedule into a calendar automatically.