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2022 April top

April 13th

God bless you!


2021 March top

March 1st

If you find some code errors on the site, this is because I'm in the process of upgrading. Please be patient.


2020 April top

April 20th

Administrators may now send messages on behalf of other administrators. Useful if your pastor doesn't want to learn to use ServiceBuilder, and instead wants you to send a message for him!

2020 March top

March 2nd

In our church, we take attendance each week, which is manageable for congregations that have 250 or less. On the attendance page, you can now view people who are marked as inactive, but have attended recently - useful for deciding to mark them active again.

2020 January top

January 30th

A new announcements feature has been added today - it allows you to project your announcements to a screen automatically, without having to make slides. Here's an example:


2019 October top

October 7th

Groups are now displayed differently in the schedule... for example, Band 1: Drums, or Choir: Vocalist. This should make it clearer and easier to use groups for scheduling.

2019 September top

September 26th

Fixed a bug using the "Also Notify" feature for notifications, in times when there is no email address for the schedulee.

September 19th

Schedule (screen and print view) have new 'double-booked' and 'marked away' icons to let you quickly see potential conflicts when scheduling large groups of people.

2019 August top

August 7th

You may now print the people view when there are filters selected. Unlike the regular directory print, this view will not skip empty records.

2019 July top

July 17th

The server has been further upgraded, and so you may find ServiceBuilder intermittently available over the next day or so.

July 7th

The server was upgraded this weekend, and unfortunately this caused some problems. I apologize if this affected you or your ministry. I'm still working out some of the bugs, but will post again when everything is working as normal.

2019 May top

May 17th

I've made some changes to printing of the schedule; remove columns, or only limit number of rows.

May 6th

Two recent changes: adding new services has been improved, and people can be excluded from the church directory.


2018 December top

December 18th

Some changes have been made to the Send Mail screens today. Feedback is welcome!

2018 July top

July 24th

A free, new and better version of the ServiceBuilder app for Android is now in the play store. Check it out and please rate!

July 4th

You can now search custom fields from the people view. Set up custom fields in settings.

2018 June top

June 28th

I've made a big speed enhancement today. I welcome feedback!

2018 May top

May 14th

Have people who to keep their info off of your church directory? This is now possible on each profile.

2018 April top

April 26th

I've added new filters on the people view: attended last week, absent last week, seniors, and more. I am also looking for feedback on church directory printouts.

April 5th

Now ServiceBuilder lets you include more detailed family information. This information has been moved from the settings menu to the people section, under 'family' for each individual.

April 1st

I've improved the speed and simplicity of entering attendance by grouping people by family. Try it out!

2018 March top

March 2nd

ServiceBuilder has added an Australian SMS number: 61436434720

2018 February top

February 8th

ServiceBuilder has been approved by Google Home. If you have Home, try saying, "OK Google, I want to talk to ServiceBuilder."

February 3rd

Have a Google Home device? Let me know if you'd like to be a tester of ServiceBuilder for the Google Assistant.

2018 January top

January 27th

I fixed some interface problems on the order-of-service page today, as well as the admin section of people.

January 8th

I'm working on improving the message sending area of ServiceBuilder. Archive messages, keep delivery lists, and more.


2017 November top

November 29th

Your free church website now includes a donation form for accepting offerings online.

November 26th

You can now add groups and roles on the newsletter page, for sending email newsletters to your congregation.

November 20th

I made some changes to the people filter section this weekend, and also improved the settings pages.

November 18th

Lots of "people" changes to check out: church membership, police check, baptism, and more.

2017 October top

October 30th

Fixed a bug today in saving new people to default service roles.

October 15th

Translation Proof-Readers Needed: German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Norwegian

October 13th

Signing in with Facebook has been broken for some time - SORRY! It is now fixed.

October 8th

The free web site is now responsive for portable devices, and if you wish, you can set up your own domain name. Contact me for details.

2017 September top

September 16th

ServiceBuilder has begun the process of translation. Please volunteer as a proofreader for German, French or Spanish versions.

September 6th

I'm looking into translating ServiceBuilder into other languages. If you're interested in helping, please contact me at freebees may await!

2017 July top

July 12th

I included custom fields to the public people-profiles today.

2017 June top

June 19th

Your church's announcements are now emailed to your congregation automatically on Mondays!

June 10th

You can now select "show inactive" on people dropdowns, for those unusual situations where you need to schedule someone who is inactive.

June 5th

I've made some changes to the "free web site" builder that's integrated into ServiceBuilder

2017 May top

May 27th

You can now create custom fields for people - add things like baptism date, wedding date, Skype name etc.

May 25th

Added a new confirmation dialogue to help with Windows users' experience.

May 24th

Fixed a bug in Windows that made it hard to edit/delete rows in the service order.

May 13th

Lots of new features added for songs/elements. Hover over a song name to see!

May 7th

On roles, you may now select "*Show Everyone" to schedule someone on a role, even if they're not assigned to that role.

2017 April top

April 28th

Each element / song can now have a custom lyrics link, chord chart link, video link, and mp3 link.

April 24th

When saving service orders to templates, any elements will now be included in the saved template contents.

April 7th

Do you use the free web site plugin? If so, one may now select which phone numbers are published for staff in your church.

2017 March top

March 8th

Some calendar modifications today - your free web site and plugins now allow navigation to other months.

March 5th

I've added a new video outlining a new feature for planning worship - tools to manage your repertoire. Check it out!

2017 February top

February 18th

Sometime in the recent past I broke some of the help features without realizing it. They're now fixed again.

February 14th

You can now mark events as 'tentative,' perfect for booking facilities for weddings, etc

February 6th

You may now restore the outgoing confirmation email to its default value (should you want to). Thanks to Jeff Fehn for the suggestion!

February 5th

On the announcement page, you may now indicate if any announcement recurs weekly. It will appear on the calendar on each of the corresponding weekdays.

2017 January top

January 31st

Thanks to Sue Cronce for finding a bug in ServiceBuilder - when adding new songs to the order of service.

January 24th

I've added a checkbox to the people view for hiding inactive individuals. The default now is to show everyone so it's easier to locate people. Feedback welcome!

January 23rd

It's a little morbid, so I apologize, but ServiceBuilder now lets you mark people as 'deceased.'

January 21st

Fixed a bug today that didn't show calendar holidays if logging in using Google or Facebook

January 6th

The ServiceBuilder calendar now includes many Christian holidays and feast days.


2016 December top

December 31st

On the worship/search/popular in your church tab, you can now filter by year.

December 24th

If the scripture function cannot connect to, ServiceBuilder now offers the ability to open the reference in a new tab.

December 21st

Comments for each service now appear on the schedule print-out.

December 6th

The lectionary page now indicates which liturgical year we are now in.

December 1st

If you haven't yet, please consider "Liking" my ServiceBuilder page on Facebook. The button is at the bottom of

December 1st

If you haven't yet, please consider "Liking" my ServiceBuilder page on Facebook. The button is at the bottom of

2016 November top

November 23rd

Fixed a bug that didn't limit registration when registrations reached the maximum number of attendees allowed.

November 22nd

Added the ability to print schedules by roles: for example, only guitar players, or ushers.

November 21st

Better inline search on the people tab, and elements can now be filtered by your custom categories!

November 16th

Quite a few modifications today. Help files added, permissions added for announcements and web site, better delete multiple services, and more.

November 13th

Fixed a bug when selecting songs inline, on the order of service page which were in the repertoire dropdown.

2016 October top

October 20th

From schedule view, you can click a button on empty roles to ask for volunteers automatically. They'll get an SMS, tweet, and email.

October 20th

From schedule view, you can click a button on empty roles allowsto ask for volunteers automatically. They'll get an SMS, tweet, and email.

2016 August top

August 26th

I modified the print schedule view to allow highlighting any name - include the [people_id] field in the URL. Contact me for more information.

2016 June top

June 7th

In time for DVBS, the registration feature is live; access from the Services View.

2016 May top

May 13th

I'm looking for testers/ideas for an Event Registration system.

2016 April top

April 21st

I've changed the volunteer dashboard now so that volunteers can't inadvertantly volunteer for a date they've already indicated they're away.

2016 March top

March 24th

Have a blessed Easter season.

March 6th

If you had trouble logging in yesterday, I apologize; the HTTPS security certificate didn't renew properly. All is fixed now.

2016 February top

February 13th

Great for moms! On the schedule view, you can now show only those lines in which members of your family are scheduled.

February 8th

Want to hide the schedule from the order of service? This is now an option under your church account settings.

February 8th

The free church web site feature has been enhanced today - check it out under 'settings'

February 8th

You can now filter roles on the schedule to only show the ones for which you're a manager.

2016 January top

January 31st

Coming: option to hide the schedule from the order-of-service print-out.

January 28th

A new version of ServiceBuilder for Android is released today. Bug fixes, speed enhancements.

January 25th

Optionally exclude Facebook profile images from staff view on free web site.

January 16th

Kids and spouses can now be copied on confirmation messages.

January 12th

Automatic Rota-Scheduling has some approvements, such as choosing the person to start with, and more.

January 6th

Fixed a bug in which preference for first/last name appearance wasn't loaded upon login.

January 5th

When 'inactive' individuals come to special events at church, click the new button on the attendance page to show their names and mark

January 5th

I've found a way to reimplement Facebook people icons for individuals who have Facebook usernames in their profiles.

January 5th

Now you can search the help database in plain English: I've added an "I want to" search feature to the help file.


2015 December top

December 31st

I've added a new searchable help feature called "I want to..." -- Try it out!

December 30th

Automatically apply default roles to all future services with a single click from the default roles page.

December 29th

NEW! Put your ServiceBuilder announcements, calendar, etc on your church web site. Contact me for details.

December 24th

Merry Christmas!! I have fixed some bugs and enhanced some features in the attendance section. God bless you and your family this Christmas.

December 21st

The announcement section you asked for is nearly ready to test. Visit the staging server to demo it.

December 10th

Things are more secure! Passwords are now stored in "blowfish" encrypted format with a random salt. Thanks to Jacob Hansen for the suggestion.

2015 November top

November 25th

I've just added a new item to admin dashboards which shows outstanding volunteer requests.

November 9th

Your Facebook church page photo album can now appear on your church site automatically.

November 8th

I've fixed an issue so that now you can't drag the video windows outside of the main window.

2015 October top

October 30th

I've done a bunch of things to change the look when you're not logged in, and improve mobile. Feedback welcome!

2015 September top

September 10th

ServiceBuilder now has an auto-church-website function. See settings menu for details.

September 4th

Add to schedule is now integrated into the order-of-service. Feedback, please!

September 2nd

Thanks David Delano for the feature request! Now edit family's profiles, and add family unavailable dates!

2015 August top

August 17th

Added "Can't Inform" in the schedule view if there is no viable communication medium for a schedulee.

August 14th

There's a brand new free Android app for ServiceBuilder with lots of bug fixes and features.

2015 July top

July 25th

Outgoing reminder emails now include a 'decline' link. Clicking it adds the person to 'unavailable' dates.

July 19th

A few bug fixes today on the roles page, thanks to David DeLano!

2015 June top

June 5th

I have added the ability to schedule people from the order of service, but need testers before it goes live.

June 1st

I have just fixed the Twitter Authorization, (which I hadn't realized I'd broken a week ago).

2015 May top

May 31st

The schedule view now says when the auto-confirmation email goes out in more natural English.

May 30th

I've added a new memo field for attendance on each service-- useful for little custom notes about who was there, etc.

May 29th

Improved Mobile Safari experience, better use of screen space, squashed a bug or two; try it!

May 28th

Bug fixes today, including Safari compatibility issues, new family features, and improved Facebook integration. Come see!

May 27th

Yearly payments are now possible, and I've modified the order-of-service section somewhat. Also, been working on the help files.

May 25th

Some have asked for yearly pricing packages, and I'm adding this today, with a discount.

May 19th

The new ServiceBuilder is now live. If you find any weirdness, let me know ASAP.

May 15th

The new ServiceBuilder will be going live soon. I'd appreciate some feedback before that happens.

May 14th

What ServiceBuilder for free? I am in need of testers for the new ServiceBuilder.

May 5th

ServiceBuilder is getting a new look! Send me a note if you want a sneak peak or have suggestions!

May 3rd

Most churches use ServiceBuilder without paying, so I've removed the free version. You still get your first month free, so give it a try!

2015 April top

April 23rd

Text the word 'comments' to ServiceBuilder to get the contents of the service's comment box.

April 12th

The schedule-by-role page has a new delete feature, which makes it much easier to manage the schedule.

2015 March top

March 25th

Now the public schedule page, RSS feed, and iCal feeds replace the surname with the first initial for privacy considerations. Change it back under account settings.

March 14th

SMS text messaging has been offline for the last couple of days, since getting the security certificate. It's back up now, sorry.

March 12th

Sorry, Google Login broke when I added the security certificate (https) -- fixed now!

March 6th

I've now invested in a security certificate for ServiceBuilder -- your interaction with the site is now encrypted.

2015 February top

February 26th

We're now on a new server. Please tell me if anything doesn't work right.

February 24th

Switching to a newer, faster, better server today-- if you notice anything strange, be patient.


2014 December top

December 13th

Tweet about your ServiceBuilder experience, and help spread the word! @ServiceBuilder #worshipplanning

December 1st

Cyber Monday Deal! 25% on all ServiceBuilder plans, TODAY ONLY.

December 1st

I further modified the first/last name display so that the list is sorted properly as well.

2014 November top

November 26th

I've been working on the CCLI pages today, and added the ability to search for missing CCLI numbers on that page. More coming!

November 5th

I've made a number of changes today, including the settings pages, the ability to show firstname first in drop down boxes, and more.

November 2nd

I've added [service_name] to one of the variables you can use in outgoing messages, which makes it clearer when confirming for multiple types of services.

2014 October top

October 25th

Added a new loading status bar at the top of for clarity.

2014 September top

September 25th

I've improved the scripture loading from - still not perfect, but better.

September 25th

Fixed a bug when changing roles in groups.

September 24th

New Feature: When the alert dialogue pops up, you can now hit enter to close it.

September 2nd

There was a bug when saving administrator notes for each person. Squashed!

September 2nd

I've improved the method of adding members to a family. You can now do it from within the profile page, by adding fathers, mothers, spouses, and children inline.

September 2nd

I'm adding a feature to optionally automatically inform all role volunteers when someone cancels that role.

September 2nd

Added a total of 'unconfirmed' volunteers you manage on the roles page next to each role.

September 1st

Today I've added the ability to login with Google and Facebook from the homepage.

2014 August top

August 26th

I fixed a bug today that prevented people from importing contacts using a CSV file.

August 20th

I've just added a cyclical feature to scheduling which allows you to instantly rotate through roles for a service. Check out 'Schedule This Role.'

August 19th

I've finally got around to fixing the CCLI bug, since CCLI changed their web site. Sorry for the wait, those of you who counted on that feature!

August 19th

Now when a schedulee texts 'decline - message', not only are they unscheduled automatically, but they are also added to the unavailability table with their message added as the reason they're away.

August 19th

I've included the inline video play button throughout more places, making it even more convenient to listen to worship as you plan your packages.

August 18th

I've added a new system for playing YouTube videos inline... you can have multiple songs open at one time in inset windows.

August 18th

I've added some new tools to the attendance graph feature and fixed a bug with the popup sometimes not showing.

August 12th

I will be rolling out the ability to customize when service reminders are delivered by email, Twitter, and SMS.

August 12th

I will be rolling out the ability to customize when service reminders are delivered by email, Twitter, and SMS.

August 11th

Attendance Feature: I've added a new running '4 week' average to the graph, and 'this date last year'.

2014 July top

July 11th

I've added a public chat feature to ServiceBuilder, and will be adding more functionality to improve on collaboration.

July 11th

I've added a public chat feature to ServiceBuilder, and will be adding more functionality to improve on collaboration.

July 10th

Modified the layout of the contact page, allowed editing family details from each contact page, and fixed up the worship page layout.

July 9th

Bug Fix: The Bible Gateway changed their site, breaking my scripture feature. I've now fixed it, and it's better than ever!

July 8th

I've added a feature to make it easier to collaborate; changes made to your service and schedule are updated in real time for all viewers. Stay tuned as I tweak and improve it more.

July 3rd

Now minors (children 18 and under) who don't have their own contact information will show their mother's or father's information instead. This is on a per-field basis, and the mother's contact info is prefererd over the father's.

2014 June top

June 30th

A whole bunch of edits are being phased in-- birthdays of church members in the calendar, polling server for changes, auto-scheduling improvements, and more! Come check it out!!

June 24th

I now have an Android app in the app store!! Download it, check it out, and please rate it if you like it.

June 16th

I've added a new 'rehearsal description' feature to services, including a default rehearsal for service types and the ability to edit rehearsals weekly.

2014 April top

April 6th

I've tweaked the auto-text messages, and included the ability to text 'subscribe' and 'unsubscribe' to the ServiceBuilder Robot.

April 4th

The ServiceBuilder Android App is ready to publish-- keep an eye out for it in the store. If you have iPods I can use for testing, let me know.

April 3rd

I've added the common lectionary to ServiceBuilder, under the 'Worship' button. It's fairly basic right now, but I hope to extend the functionality over time. Feel free to make suggestions.

2014 March top

March 19th

I've added a new function to many of the longer pages, such as people, elements, and schedule: as you scroll down the page is loaded "as you go." It makes things faster, especially on portable devices.

March 4th

Today my ServiceBuilder chrome app has been released, and I've made the app go full screen. Try it out!

March 2nd

You can now listen to your saved worship notepad playlists using YouTube. All songs will be shown as a playlist. I've also made some changes that should affect the speed of ServiceBuilder.


2013 November top

November 23rd

I've made it easier to play YouTube videos of any song, and to continue browsing the site-- right from the mini element popup.

November 22nd

I added the ability to merge saved worship notepads today. This is useful if you've got some duplicate notepads, and you want to save your song collections in a sing file.

November 11th

I have added a new people filter: parents of teens, preteens, preschool. Also added a followup feature to attendance to help track people who've been away from church recently. Bug fixes too.

November 7th

I added some new Worship Notepad features today, modified the "mini element" popup, made the remind musician feature faster, and more. Come see!

November 5th

I created a couple of new videos -- here's how to add services:

2013 October top

October 28th

I've added a new way to save worship lists/sets for later. After you pick your songs, you can either add them to a service, or just save for later... can't delete them yet, but that's coming.

October 20th

Apparently Twitter got more strict recently with their OAuth protocols -- that meant that Twitter was broken on ServiceBuilder. Tonight I fixed it, so if you prefer to get reminders on Twitter, it should start working again now.

2013 September top

September 22nd

You may now categorize your extra element types. So if for example, you call one of your scripture slots "Psalm," or "Bible Reading," you can indicate on the settings page that these types are scripture. You can do the same for hymn and worship song slots.

September 17th

I've added some new features: default roles for your weekly schedules, some different indicator icons, and more.

2013 July top

July 19th

NEW: SB Users text "hello" to 347-773-2447 in the US or 613-699-5509 everywhere else. Let me know how it goes.

July 14th

I fixed a few bugs today, on places like the schedule system, printing order of service spacing, and the mini elements. Feel free to report bugs you find!

July 6th

I've added a new feature to make it a tad easier to view details on songs and other elements... hovering over a title will show you pertinent info like last used, key, etc.

July 2nd

Calendar View now shows schedule information; hover over a time to see scheduled roles.

July 2nd

Admins may now disconnect their Dropbox account on the Dropbox page.

2013 May top

May 11th

I would love to get more feedback from the faithful users of ServiceBuilder... I want to know what I can do to make SB even better. Talk to me! :)

2013 April top

April 23rd

My apologies to everyone who received a number of reminder emails all at once yesterday.... I fixed a bug that was holding up email in the queue, and when I did they all went out at once. SORRY!

April 19th

I've added a new "distribution list" feature to the people list. You can now build custom distribution lists and either export them as mail merge, or send email to them. Try it out and let me know what you think.

2013 February top

February 26th

Today some new functionality: the search music page has a new repertoire tab, and I've change the layout to the people profile view.

February 16th

Permissions is now live, and so give your admins the right access. Some of you may have noticed that the new multi-level permissions was available in the settings menu for the last month -- I would love feedback, please.

2013 January top

January 26th

I have started a new multi-permissions version, and would appreciate volunteers to test it.

January 19th

There is now an iCal calendar feed for each role; so if you manage the ushers, for example, you can add the usher schedule to Google calendar.

January 16th

I have added a new unsubscribe link to the bottom of email and Facebook messages which allow any user to manage their contact preferences.

January 13th

Soon to be released: Connect ServiceBuilder with Mail Merge and print personalized letters, envelopes, directories, and more!

January 12th

When you hover over a person's name, now Mini Profiles have a delay before they appear. Also added auto Facebook messaging, and opt-in/out.

January 10th

ServiceBuilder now has genders, Facebook integration, and a bit of a new look. Come see!

January 7th

I'm planning on raising the price for the full version of ServiceBuilder, so now's the time to take advantage of the lower prices.

January 6th

I have tweaked the role schedule page, and am using icons now instead of text. I have also made it easier to remind people who are slow to respond. Check it out!

January 4th

You may now send group mail to attendees of specific services, and roles, age groups, etc. from the people filter page.


2012 December top

December 29th

The people management section of ServiceBuilder has been changed somewhat today. The display window is now larger, and you can filter people by who has attend specific services.

December 28th

Huge change today-- using a completely different API interface for Dropbox... try it out!

December 16th

I've made some changes to the way Dropbox works-- for people who had trouble with Dropbox in the past, I encourage you to try now.

December 4th

Need to print the schedule or send it as a link by email? I've refined the printing process, and made the link easier to find, next to each week on the schedule page!

2012 November top

November 21st

The pop-up window that appears throughout ServiceBuilder has seen some tweaks... it's easier to drag it to where you want it now, and it appears where you need to see it.

November 18th

In the people directory view, you may now filter groups of people by the role they fill. Roles now have a memo fields as well.

November 11th

Today I made the Default Sunday Morning Service name editable-- if you prefer to call it the 11:00 service, or the traditional service, or whatever, here's your chance!

November 10th

Today I made the role "Worship Leader" editable... you may even remove it if you need to.

November 10th

You can now choose 24 hour "Military Time" or 12 hour AM/PM time as an option for displaying time in ServiceBuilder.

November 7th

New attendance feature made live today-- view attendance for last four weeks by congregation!

November 4th

A bug has been squished! You will now see a warning sign in every instance for which someone is scheduled, but not available.

November 4th

Administrators may now delete a range of services at one time. This is found under 'past services.'

November 4th

You may now filter your people list view by showing only 'Administrators.' First steps in multi-level admins.

November 4th

I changed the 'schedule by role' page today, fixed some bugs, and made it a little more useful.

2012 October top

October 31st

Dragging tables rows in Firefox and IE wasn't visually very clear, but I think I've fixed that now... let me know what you think.

October 28th

Have more than one type of service each week? ServiceBuilder now lets you filter by service type on the dashboard, worship planner, scheduler, and more.

October 25th

The NRSV and NRSV Anglicized is now available to be referenced on ServiceBuilder. Go to settings/options to select your translation of choice.

October 21st

I added a new feature today, whereby you can give each element it's own single category. Whether you decide to use it to indicate tempo, favourites, or something else is up to you.

October 17th

I've added a new feature today -- you can now make some roles and groups private, so non-admins cannot see who is in the group.

October 15th

Couple of bugs fixed today- editing element types, attendance chart, songs NOT recently used.

2012 September top

September 30th

I'm finally working on a version of ServiceBuilder for Android and iPods. I need testers, please.

September 12th

As always, I invite you to submit ideas for improvements. Two new ideas were added this week for contacting groups using standard email, and customizing the weekly reminder message. Thanks for the ideas, Ben!

September 7th

I have just added Servicebuilder to CloudFlare, so you should note a marked improvement in performance and speed.

September 4th

Admins may now customize the weekly reminder message -- go to messages, and choose the Weekly Reminder message, then click 'Customize'

September 3rd

I want to remind people to "Like" my Facebook page, and to share with friends.

2012 August top

August 14th

I'll give away 2 more free memberships -- contact for more information.

2012 July top

July 29th

I've decided to give one year free membership once a week; just put a link to ServiceBuilder on your web site or blog and send me the link. I'll do a draw for each linker once a week.

July 27th

The 2000th church hasn't claimed their prize, so I'm offering it up to everyone. First to respond gets a year free.

July 26th

Congratulations to In-Faith Baptist Church, the 2000th church to sign up for ServiceBuilder. They get a free membership!

July 19th

Wow, nearly 2000 churches have signed up for ServiceBuilder since I started the web application two years ago. We're at 1989 churches right now!

2012 June top

June 20th

I've added the ability to track adults, children, teens and newcomers on the attendance pages.

June 5th

Send me your preferred order of service print-out formats and I'll try to add them if possible and practical.

June 1st

FIXED: There were two bugs on the admin page for dates people were away... one was miscalculated total days away, the other was that it didn't handle long dates properly, but that's fixed now.

2012 May top

May 30th

FIXED: There was a timezone bug in the personal iCal files for scheduling (this lets you see the dates you're scheduled in your personal calendars in Outlook, and other calendars; when someone schedules you, it shows on your calendar automatically.).

May 27th

I've added new CCLI integration on the elements pages-- if I have the song's unique CCLI number saved with the song, then the information from CCLI is shown on that song's CCLI tab-- if I don't, then a search is executed automatically.

May 23rd

Managers now get informed when people volunteer.

May 22nd

I've added the ability to edit people on roles in the schedule.

May 22nd

I've created an option in settings to turn the special volunteer dashboard on and off.

May 18th

Non-admins now have their own dashboards that show them volunteer opportunities.

May 17th

Now when a user goes to the volunteer page, they can volunteer for roles for which the admin has qualified them. When they do, they appear in the schedule, but as "Volunteered." You can save them to confirm it, and then they will receive confirmation emails like everyone else you've scheduled.

May 17th

Roles can now be given 'managers.' Managers will get emails automatically when people volunteer to fill those roles. More coming soon!

May 16th

I'm adding a new "volunteer' section for non-admins to express interest in certain roles, and then once they've had training, to be able to put themselves in empty roles. I've added a "trained/confirmed" checkbox on the roles page. More coming... watch for it.

May 16th

I'd reworked the elements page, using tabs to separate the multitude of information on that page.

May 13th

A super administrator account has been created, which has defaulted to the person who signed up for ServiceBuilder. At this time, the Super Admin is the only person who can delete your ServiceBuilder account. In the future, more privilege will be assigned to this user.

May 11th

Now if you schedule a role, but not a person, the role will appear in the schedule with a dropdown of people that can be selected, along with a save button.

May 10th

You can now filter services by type of service on the schedule page- this should be helpful for larger churches who have more than one type of service a week.

May 10th

May 10: Now when you choose a role from the schedule drop down boxes, it will only show people who are scheduled for that role. Try it out! :)

May 10th

If you have already scheduled someone, and then they give you a date range when they're away, ServiceBuilder will now show an alert on the schedule page.

May 9th

I've added new folders to Dropbox for MP3s, Chord Charts, Presentations, and Misc. If you think there should be another one, let me know.

May 6th

I have added a 'playlist' feature, which allows anyone on your team to stream YouTube videos for the songs you're doing each week. The link to the playlist feature is on the dashboard. You may update URLs on the song pages, and enter custom per-church YouTube URLs.

May 6th

I'm adding a new "calendar view" to ServiceBuilder. If this is useful to you, please let me know.

2012 April top

April 29th

I'd love to hear your opinion on the new ServiceBuilder promo video:

April 26th

You can now set your timzone from your settings/church menu. Check it out, and let me know if there are any bugs or strange behaviours.

April 25th

I've added a way to view all unavailable dates, add more from one place, and to delete them if you want to. It's in the settings menu.

April 25th

You may have noticed all new icons - if it looks a little mixed, try a HARD refresh, or clear your cache.

April 21st

I've added a new feature to allow dialogues with people planning services. It's a simple little message board, and it appears under the service rundown and service schedule screens.

April 15th

I'm extremely sorry to say that I had to restore a backup from Friday, meaning that any of Saturday's changes have been lost. This is the first time I've had to do this-- I hope it doesn't happen again.

April 7th

Scripture now can be linked to from right within ServiceBuilder, and clicking this link will allow you to read the reference from within ServiceBuilder as well. Simply add "Scripture", one of the default service types, to the run down-- then put the reference in the comments box.

April 6th

You can now edit the names of your templates/service types, and the names of the groups and roles you've created. This is available under the settings menu. I've also enhanced the family section some more.

2012 March top

March 27th

I'm experimenting with a new "families" section- check your settings menu.

March 22nd

Mutiple templates can be saved for each service now.

2012 February top

February 26th

Announcements can be posted for your team on this home page. I can also use it for alerts to you.

February 25th

Attendance Feature now implemented. I'm looking for feedback.

2012 January top

January 24th

You and your team can now log in using Facebook. It uses the email to do so, and you must have a username.

January 9th

Lyrics are now automatically searched for using a number of lyric sites.

January 8th

New look! Also, soon I will be automatically deleting abandoned accounts, so use it or lose it. :)


2011 September top

September 12th

Text messaging integrated into ServiceBuilder for the US only (Sorry everyone else)