ServiceBuilder Features

Power Unleashed

ServiceBuilder is a web application that makes it easier for you to plan church services, and communicate with your teams.

ServiceBuilder is hard to describe, because it's really an integrated church management program. It's first purpose is to plan worship meetings-- create orders of service, track music use etc.

It's secondary purpose is to schedule people to serve in various ministries in the church -- and they can confirm their presence, and interact with the site via SMS text message, email, Twitter, etc.

It does a lot more too, like track attendance, send personalized bulk messages to the congregation, create church directories, export the bulletin, the list goes on.

  1. Integration with social media, and the ability to deliver messages to cell phones makes it easy to use and integrate with.
  2. Create any number of upcoming services, and look back on past services quickly and easily.
  3. Manage small or large groups of teams, allow them to log in, manage their profiles, and more