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  • American Baptist Association

    American Baptist Churches/Disciples of Christ

    American Presbyterian Church


    Anglican Church of Australia

    Anglican Church of Canada

    Anglican/United Church of Canada

    Assemblies of God

    Association of Free Lutheran Congregations

    Baptist General Conference

    British Pentecostal Fellowship

    Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Ottawa

    Canadian Reformed Church

    Catholic, Other

    Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

    Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)/American Ba

    Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)/Northern Ba

    Christian Reformed Church in North America

    Christian Science

    Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.

    Church of England

    Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)

    Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

    Church of God (Seventh Day)

    Church of God in Christ

    Church of Scotland

    Church of the Brethren

    Church of the Nazarene

    Churches of Christ

    Churches of Christ in Australia

    Community of Christ

    Episcopal Church in the United States of America

    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America / Evangelic

    Evangelical Lutheran Synod

    Free Pentecostal/Independent Holiness

    Friends (Quakers)

    Gospel Assembly Churches

    Holiness (Wesleyan)

    Independent Fundamental Baptist

    Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

    Lutheran Church of Australia


    Mercer University

    Moravian Church

    National Association of Congregational Christian C

    National Baptist Convention

    New Apostolic Church

    North American Baptist Conference

    Pentecostal Church of God

    Pentecostal Holiness Church

    Plymouth Brethren

    Presbyterian Church in Canada

    Presbyterian Church in Ireland

    Presbyterian Church of Australia

    Primitive Baptist

    Protes'tant Conference

    Protestant, Other

    Reformed Church in America

    Roman Catholic

    Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

    Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

    Seventh-day Adventist Church

    Seventh-Day Baptist Church

    Southern Baptist Convention

    The Church of the Province of South East Asia

    The Episcopal Church in the Philippines

    The Methodist Church (UK)

    The Salvation Army

    Unification Church

    Unitarian Universalist

    United Church of Canada

    United Church of Christ

    United Evangelical Lutheran Church

    United Methodist Church

    United Methodist Church in the Philippines

    United Pentecostal Church

    United Reformed Church (UK)

    Uniting Church in Australia

    Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod